Sunday, August 13, 2017

Monsoon saga: Ghatal Diary 2017

A Journey towards প্লাবন/FLOOD

Flooded area. Each year left bank of River Silabati inundated

Pantoon on River Silababti. Ghatal Town is visible on left bank

Each house is built on top of a mound. the height of mound can be upto 21 feet in height 

Newly built concrete houses are also kept ground floor as vestigial. Note presence of traditional boat as medium of transport

Typical Taler Donga



local transport

PEUKO: a recent development made of tin sheet

Own transport. Recent development

Flood and transport. Note: presence of traditional as well as newly developed types 

Coexistence:Traditional as well as modern

Way of propulsion. Note; opening of the stern end blocked by mud

Fishing in flood water is a common sporting event

Method of fishing

One method of crossing a river by boat

Transport of Bamboo from upstream

Wharf in flooded area

Temporary wharf


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