Saturday, November 21, 2009


Patia: admixture of Clinker and reverse clinker technology. Coastal fishing boat. 18 feet minimum length.
Striking Feature: Planking technology is just reverse of Viking Ship technology (8th to 11th Century).

Patia is a "Living Boat" can be traced since 11th Century AD till today with little modification.

"Bali Tolar Nouko" of Balagarh

Balagarh in Hugli district of West Bengal, a traditional boat building centre. Smooth Skinned, rabbeted and stapled boat build in shell first method. Length 40 haat (60 feet). width 10 haat (15 feet).
Wood: Babla (Acacia arabica), Khirish, Sirish, Arjun (Terminalia arjuna)

At least 25 karkhana (boat building sheds) is woring under the shed of bamboo grove and mango orchard.

Rajbangshi Para is the key centre of this activity. Boat makers are mainly from Rajbansgi community (fisherfolk). 
More than 500  people are actively associated with Boat Building activity.


Watercraft (Boat): concept development

Banana trunk used as float.
Snapped in Sundarbans, West Bengal in 2003