Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Name of Boat in Bengal

I have seen these boats in Bengal and I have gone through its detail and documented these over a period of 10 years. So these are the ‘real boat’ (not mentioned in epic, novel… or not taken from epic, novel...)
In Bengali boats are popularly termed as Nouko/Nouka.
Smaller variety of Nouka/Nouko is Dingi.
So Dingi is the daughter (not son. because boat is always a feminine) of Nouka/Nouko used in household purposes. Where as Nouko generally used to carry passenger, goods (i.e. who has muscle power).

Fishing boats are sometimes fall into Dingi category and sometimes under Nouko/Nouka.
Now lets look into some name. 
These are not the personal name. 
These are the names of a typological variety.
So with these names boat makers and boat users can easily visualize their structural speciality.
For general awareness I am sighting some names (many more keeping undisclosed):
  1. Patia- At present it is exclusively a fishing boat. But in 12th century it might be used a cargo ship. 
  2. Bachhari- A long and narrow Boat. It has various variation and termed differently like Kaile Bachhari, Kolige bachhari, Chhande Bachhari, Malo a fishing community used a kind of Bachhari for fishing. General folk used to coin their boat as Malo Bachhari or Jele Bachhari.
  3. Pansi- Confusing name mainly cargo carrier.
  4. Chhip- Long and narrow boat used for swift movement.
  5. Bhanr- Very few still exist but lost their job. Used to carry salt.
  6. Khorio Kisti- a huge cargo carry straw.
  7. Sultani- A boat which can go against the wind and can carry all most all things. But not used in fishing.
  8. Pauka- a flat bottomed boat both used as cargo and fishing.
  9. Dholai- A cargo carrier.
  10. Merhli- A Cargo.
  11. Ghasi- A cargo.
  12. Chhot- A fishing as well as cargo.
  13. Salti- A cargo
  14. Chhot Salti- A fishing boat.
  15. Bhedi- Cargo carrier
  16. Goluiya- A cargo carrier
  17. Salonga/Saronga- Fishing boat 
  18. Kosha- A flat bottomed boat used both in fishing as well as transportation.

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